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Have a question about Fabriq? We are happy to help.

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Toll free: 1.844.9.FABRIQ or 1.844.932.2747

What can Alexa do?

Pretty much anything you can think of! To give a few examples, she can order a pizza, check game scores, tell you the weather, help with...

What are the L, R, LR icons I see?

The FABRIQ® speakers support mono and stereo playback. Tap the icon to switch between left and right channels (mono playback) and stereo...

How do I group speakers?

In the Dashboard, tap the Group button to pair speakers together. The app will take you through the process of selecting the...

How many speakers can I connect to?

Connect up to 10 FABRIQ® speakers together. You can create groups of speakers or listen to different songs on each one. To view the...

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